The Most Important Part Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Starts In Two Weeks

Maestro, if you please.

Obi-Wan Kenobi described the Force as something that "surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." He might as well have been talking about John Williams' music.

Even more than George Lucas, John Williams has been the constant that has bound the "Star Wars" universe together. His themes are legendary, and just as vital to the series as special effects or R2-D2, which is why we were thrilled when he announced last year he'd be scoring "Star Wars: Episode VII."

So imagine our delight when news broke that he will be returning to that galaxy far, far away in just two weeks.

Making Star Wars posted a video from a fan who went to see Williams in concert with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and before playing his iconic Throne Room music from "A New Hope," the maestro said that he was going to start to write new music for "Episode VII" just two weeks from now.

What exactly does that mean? Is he just going to start tinkering with new themes for the characters, or is there enough footage that he can start putting music to a rough cut of the film, or even a surprise trailer? Whatever it is, this is the one part of "Star Wars: Episode VII" that it's impossible to have a bad feeling about.