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The Definitive List Of Every Celebrity Appearance On 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

Over 3500 words on everyone from Al B. Sure to Zsa Zsa Gabor.

When one thinks of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," a myriad of memories come to mind: the uncannily catchy theme song, the "Carlton" (and it's many incarnations); and, of course, more celebrity cameos and guest stars than there are cool hats in Hilary's wardrobe. So many athletes, recording artists, and full-out legends graced the grounds at Banks mansion, that it's almost impossible to keep track of them all...until now. In honor of MTV’s #Throwblock, which now airs episodes of “Fresh Prince” from noon to 2 p.m. every weekday, we've compiled the internet's only truly complete list of every single guest star to share a screen with Sir Will and his wealthy, wacky family.

Al B. Sure

Role: Himself

Episode: Season 1, Episode 5 "Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy"

Al B. Sure stars alongside music mogul Quincy Jones and proves that famous friends look just as good on Will as that monochrome jumpsuit.

Arthel Neville

Role: Herself

Episodes: S05 E25 "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll" and S06 E21 "I, Stank Hole in One"

Will and Lisa's wedding may explode in this episode, but at least real-life popular newscaster Arthel Neville and the Banks sisters look good in their bridesmaid dresses. Arthel returned as herself the following season.

B.B. King

Role: Pappy

Episode: S06 E04 "Bourgie Sings the Blues"

When Carlton gets the Ivy League blues, he's able to find solace in wise words of the legendary B.B. King.

Bel Biv Devoe

Role: Themselves

Episode: S02 E11 "The Butler Did It"

Bel Biv Devoe gave a performance in the Banks living room that was worth risking Uncle Phil's wrath for.

Ben Vereen

Role: Lou

Episode: S04 E24 "Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse"

In one of the show's surprisingly tear-jerking moments, entertainment legend Ben Vereen plays Lou, Will's long lost and disappointing father.

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Bo Jackson

Role: Himself

Episode: S01 E08 "Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect" (Part 1)

In this star studded episode, Bo was the biggest star at the time. Bo Knows Comedy!

Bob Eubanks

Getty Images

Role: Himself

Episode: S02 E19 "Eyes on the Prize"

Longtime "Newlywed Game" host wins when he steps into his familiar role as game show host in this classic episode.

Boyz II Men

Role: Themselves

Episode: S04 E13 "Twas the Night Before Christening"

Motownphilly's back again as Will orchestrates some holiday harmony in this Christmas episode with Boyz II Men.

Brad Garrett

Role: Hitman

Episode: S05 E05 "Fresh Prince, the Movie"

Before playing Ray Romano's quirky and morose brother in "Everybody Loves Raymond," Garett portrayed a mobster in this tall tale of an episode.

Branford Marsalis

Getty Images

Role: Duane

Episode: S04 E18 "Stop Will! In the Name of Love"

The Saxophone genius Branford Marsalis wins over Hilary and shows Will a thing or too about how to use the sax for sex appeal.

Chi McBride

Getty Images

Role: Ed Barker

Episode: S03 E08 "Boyz in the Woods"

In this precursor to his "I, Robot" collaboration with Smith, Chi McBride plays a reporter documenting Uncle Phil's epic camping fail.

Chris Rock

Role: Maurice/Jasmine

Episode: S06 E02 "Get a Job"

Chris Rock shows off his acting chops by playing both the familiar role of comedian and his sister, who Will is set up on a date with.

Christa Miller

Role: Girl

Episode: S04 E14 "Sleepless in Bel-Air"

Carlton's power hungry ways threaten to put a damper on Will's chances with this "Drew Carey Show" beauty.

Conrad Bain

Role: Phillip Drummand

Episode: S06 E24 "I, Done" (Part 2)

Using familiar strokes to revive the role that made him a TV icon, Conrad appeared alongside Gary Coleman as their characters from "Diff'rent Strokes."

Dick Clark

Role: Himself

Episode: S06 E19 "I, Whoops, There It Is"

When the ball is about to drop on the show's final season and it's time to look back on six season's worth of outtakes, who better to help Will than ageless iconic TV host Dick Clark?

Diedrich Bader

Role: Frank Schaeffer

Episode: S02 E06 "Guess Who's Coming to Marry?"

Veteran character actor Bader sets up laughs and a surprise for Will's mom, who is less than thrilled that her sister is marrying a white man.

DL Hughley

Role: Keith Cambell

Episode: S03 E22 "Ain't No Business Like Show Business"

Standup powerhouse Hughley plays Will's comedian friend from Philly and proves that friends from way back make the best wing men.

Doctor Dre

Role: Himself

Episode: S02 E18 "Ill Will"

When a bout of tonsillitis forces Will to come to grips with his fear of hospitals, Doctor Dre from "Yo! MTV Raps" appears in one of his nightmares.

Don Cheadle

Role: Ice Tray

Episode: S01 E05 "Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy"

Oscar nominee Cheadle plays against his sophisticated image as Will's friend from Philly. Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil start to worry when he takes a liking to Hilary.

Don Cornelius

Role: Himself

Episode: S05 E08 "Sooooooooul Train"

In one of television's most epic meeting of minds, Carlton gets a chance to perform his self-titled dance for none other than Don Cornelius from "Soul Train."

Donald Trump


Role: Himself

Episode: S04 E25 "For Sale by Owner"

Real-life real estate mogul Trump leads the Banks family to reflect on how much they love their home when he makes them a tempting offer to buy it.

Duane Martin

Getty Images: Kevin Winter

Role: Duane

Episodes: S04 E05 "It's Better to Have Loved and Lost It..." and S06 E11 "I, Ooh, Baby, Baby"

Always looking out for his cuz, Will sets up Hilary on a date with his buddy Duane.

Evander Holyfield

Role: Himself

Episode: S01 E15 "Deck the Halls"

In this holiday episode, Holyfield delivers a one-two punch as a neighbor who's less than thrilled with Will's zealous decorating efforts.

Gary Coleman

Role: Arnold Jackson

Episode: S06 E24 "I, Done" (Part 2)

Gary slightly modifies his classic catch phrase to suit the Fresh Prince, asking "What you talkin' 'bout, Will?"

Hank Azaria

Role: Cop

Episode: S01 E06 "Mistaken Identity"

Azaria takes a break from voicing numerous characters on "The Simpsons" to moonlight as a cop who's convinced Will and Carlton are committing grand theft auto.

Heavy D

Role: Himself

Episode: S01 E09 "Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect" (Part 2)

With Heavy D at the height of his recording career, it makes perfect sense that Will would want to be one of his "boyz."

Hill Harper

Role: Dana

Episode: S05 E11 "Will Steps Out"

When Will runs into Lisa while wearing a fat suit at a grocery store, the fact that she is with heart throb Harper adds insult to injury in the produce section.

Hugh Hefner

Role: Himself

Episode: S04 E09 "Fresh Prince After Dark"

As lavish as the Banks mansion is, let's face it, it will always be second fiddle to Bel Air's naughtiest domicile. When Hilary has a chance to pose for Playboy, Will has to decide whether to go to the mansion with her or go on a date with a girl he's been crushing on.

Isaac Hayes

Role: Minister

Episode: S05 E18 "The Wedding Show" (Psyche!)

When Will and Lisa attempt to elope in Vegas, they find a true Soul Man of an officiant in the form of Isaac Hayes.

Isiah Thomas

Getty Images

Role: Himself

Episode: S01 E11 "Courting Disaster "

Will's drool turns into dribbling when a school-time day dream has him fantasizing about playing one on one with this Pistons great.

Jaleel White

Role: Derek

Episode: S06 E07 "Not with My Cousin You Don't"

Did he do that? "Family Matters" star Jaleel White catches serious heat from Carlton and Will after they over him talking to Ashley about having sex.

Jasmine Guy

Role: Kayla Samuels

Episode: S01 E21 "Love at Fist Fight"

When Guy plays one of Aunt Viv's opinionated students, Will quickly develops the hots for her and learns that dating college girls means entering a totally different world.

Jay Leno

Getty Images, NBC Universal: Chris Haston

Role: Himself

Episode: S05 E10 "Will's Up A Dirt Road"

Late night host Jay Leno may be able to take a joke in real life, but he's none to happy when Will snaps a picture of him and then accidentally sells it to a tabloid.

John Amos

Role: Fred Wilkes

Episodes: S05 E12 "Same Game, Next Season," S05 E13 "Three's A Crowd," S05 E18 "The Wedding Show (Psyche!)," S05 E25 "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll"

The "Good Times" star plays the father of Will's girlfriend ... and a bit of a ladies man.

John Witherspoon

Role: Augustus Adams

Episode: S04 E21 "The Harder They Fall"

Proving that dads will go to great heights to protect their daughters, Witherspoon plays Augustus Adams, a militant father intent on scaring Will out of dating his baby girl.

Kadeem Hardison

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Role: Himself

Episode: S01 E09 "Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect" (Part 2)

In this early episode, Hardison teams up with Quincy Jones and Al B. Sure for a star-studded fantasy that reflects Will's excitement about his new celebrity-filled domicile.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Role: Himself

Episode: S05 E06 "Will's Misery"

Stepping off the court for a moment, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dons the ridiculous golfing outfit Hilary has purchased for Uncle Phil and tees up with Jazz as his caddy.

Kathie Lee Gifford


Role: Herself

Episode: S06 E21 "I, Stank Hole in One"

When Hilary subs for Kathie on her hit morning show "Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee," it becomes clear that Kathie Lee is better suited to partner up with Reg.

Kathy Griffin

Role: Melissa Klein

Episode: S01 E04 "Not With My Pig, You Don't"

Funny lady Kathy Griffin plays a reporter who intends to interview Uncle Phil about an award he's won, but finds his squeaky clean history boring, until Will "helps" Phil by telling her embarrassing details of Phil's rustic past.

Ken Griffey Jr.

Getty Images

Role: Himself

Episode: S05 E09 "Love Hurts"

Keeping up with the show's tradition featuring of winning sports cameos, Ken Griffey Jr. lends one of baseball's best arms to Carlton's carnival game and offers Will some valuable dating advice.

Kim Fields

Role: Monique

Episode: S03 E17 "The Best Laid Plans"

Fields's character Monique gets a crash course in boys and "The Facts of Life" when Will and Jazz devise a hair brained scheme to set up a fake marriage in order to trick her into going all the way with Will.

Lark Voorhies

Role: Cindy

Episode: S03 E05 "Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe"

Voorhies plays an old flame of Carlton's and surprises the hell out of everyone when she comes bearing the news that Carlton may be a father.

Leeza Gibbons

Getty Images: Alberto E. Rodriguez

Role: Herself

Episode: S05 E03 "Reality Bites"

TV super-personality Leeza Gibbons has no problem putting Hilary in her place after she parks in her reserved spot.

Malcolm Jamal Warner

Getty Images

Role: Eric

Episode: S02 E09 "Cased Up"

"Cosby Show"'s Warner, plays Hilary's boyfriend, but has no love for Will and sues after our star hits his car without carrying auto insurance.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Role: Tiny

Episode: S06 E04 "Bourgie Sings the Blues"

When Carlton is having a crisis over his academic future, he looks to colossal talent Michael Clarke Duncan for validation and gets only an apathetic "Shut up."

Michael Rapaport

Getty Images: Larry Busacca

Role: Mike

Episode: S04 E01 "Where There's a Will, There's a Way"(Part 1)

Prolific character actor Michael Rapaport has spoken in interviews about being a fan of Will Smith's from back in the day in Philly, so he must have been excited to play a role in this episode, wherein Will and Carlton throw a party that gets out of hand at their new pad.

Milo Ventimiglia

Role: Party-Goer

Episode: S06 E04 "Bourgie Sings the Blues"

Before becoming a household heartthrob in shows like "Gilmore Girls" and "Heroes," Milo Ventimiglia gets his big start in a small role on Fresh Prince as a party-goer.

Milton Berle

NBC Universal

Role: Max Jakey

Episode: S02 E18 "Ill Will"

This comedic legend gives Will a run for his money as the hospital's wittiest womanizer.

Naomi Campbell

Role: Helen

Episode: S01 E10 "Kiss My Butler"

One look at this super model, and it's easy to see why after setting Geoffrey up on a blind date with her, Will wants to keep her for himself.

Naya Rivera

Role: Cindy

Episode: S03 E16 "Bundle of Joy"

Decades before singing her way to stardom in "Glee," Naya helps Hilary ponder the joys of having a child employee.

Nia Long

Role: Lisa Wilkes

Episodes: Most of Season 5

Nia Long plays Lisa Wilkes, the girl who just may be capable of getting Will to settle down...until an unlikely romance between Will and Lisa's parents causes their sometimes rocky relationship to crumble completely.

Nicholle Tom


Role: Zoey

Episode: S02 E11 "The Butler Did It"

Child acting phenomenon Nicholle Tom lands her first TV role in this episode, which also features a performance from Bel Biv Devoe.

Oprah Winfrey

Role: Herself

Episode: S03 E09 "A Night at the Oprah"

Oprah delivers her usual class and sass in this episode, which centers around a family trip to Chicago to appear on Winfrey's show.

Pam Grier

Role: Janice

Episode: S04 E22 "M is for the Many Things She Gave Me"

As Uncle Phil's sexy ex-girlfriend, Pam Grier brings plenty of drama, as well as a daughter for Will to ogle.

Pat Morita

Role: Mr. Yoshi

Episode: S05 E09 "Love Hurts"

When Will feels ashamed about his lack of self defense techniques, he attempts to become the next karate kid by taking lessons with Mr. Yoshi.

Queen Latifah

Role: Dee Dee

Episode: S02 E08 "She Ain't Heavy"

Queen Latifah gives Will a lesson in L.A. superficiality when the pair click on a date, but her weight makes Will uneasy about asking her to the school dance.

Quincy Jones

Role: Cab Driver

Episode: Credits, all episodes

Recording behemoth Quincy Jones was a producer on the show, so it makes sense that he makes a cameo in every single episode as the cab driver in the opening credits to whom Will yells "Smell ya later!"


Getty Images

Role: Claudia

Episode: S02 E21 "Vying for Attention"

"Cosby Show" cutie Raven-Symone may be a small child, but she makes a big splash as Claudia, the daughter of Will's mother's boyfriend.

Regis Philbin

Role: Himself

Episode: S06 E21 "I Stank, Hole in One"

Regis choses Hilary as a temporary replacement for his longtime sidekick Kathie Lee Gifford, and realizes that perhaps this should not be his final answer.

Richard Roundtree


Role: Dr. Mumford

Episode: S01 E03 "Clubba Hubba"

The man who made The Shaft come to life brings all of his cool guy swagger to his role as the discerning father of a girl Will is interested in. Does Will make an effort to step up his game? Ya damn right, he does!

Robert Guillaume

NBC Unversal

Role: Pete Fletcher

Episode: S04 E19 "You'd Better Shop Around"

Longtime veteran of the big and small screen Robert Guillaume plays a car dealership owner whose persuasive skills are so good he almost convinces Will to drop out of college.

Robin Givens


Role: Denise

Episode: S05 E23 "Cold Feet, Hot Body"

As Will mentally prepares to walk down the aisle, he's nearly sidelined by this sexy classmate who may spell trouble for his engagement.

Robin Quivers


Role: Judith

Episode: S04 E12 "You've Gotta Be a Football Hero"

Robin is best known as the right-hand woman to outspoken talk show host Howard Stern, but here, she contributes her contagious cackle to a somewhat haunting episode of Fresh Prince.

Sherman Hemsley

NBC Universal

Role: Judge Robertson

Episode: S03 E10 "Asses to Ashes"

Sherman Hemsley brings all of the charisma and wit that made him a household name to this turn as a judge who defeats Uncle Phil in an election, only to pass away shortly after (which may or may not be related to the fact that Will has strong words with him).

Stacey Dash

Role: Michelle Michaels

Episode: S04 E17 "When You Hit Upon a Star"

Before landing her timeless role as Dionne in "Clueless," Dash proves that she has star quality as a visiting celebrity who Will is so smitten by that he misses his own surprise party to hang out with her.

Tamala Jones

Getty Images

Role: Tiffany

Episode: S06 E06 "Not, I Barbecue"

Things seem to be going perfectly for Will and Carlton when they score a double date with Tiffany (played by Tamala) and her attractive girlfriend...until it becomes abundantly clear that one of the girls is spoken for.

Tempestt Bledsoe

Getty Images

Role: Herself

Episode: S05 E25 "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll"

In the final episode of season five, Will and Lisa may be having trouble in paradise, but the sitcom's plans to get every "Cosby Show" alum to stop by are going quite swimmingly.

Tevin Campbell

Role: Little T

Episode: S01 E24 "Just Infatuation"

Hilary wins sister of the year when she pulls strings to get Little T to sing at Ashley's birthday, but the party's over when he falls for Ashley and Will and Carlton become overly protective.

Tiny Lister

Role: Tiny

Episode: S01 E23 "72 Hours"

Carlton attempts to last 72 hours in Compton, but this wrestling giant doesn't exactly make things comfortable for him when he forbids him from using "school words."

Tisha CampbellL

Role: Kathleen

Episode: S02 E01 "Did the Earth Move for You?"

The ground isn't the only thing that gets shaky when Will and his girlfriend (played by Campbell) are stuck in the basement after an earthquake.

Tom Jones

Role: Himself

Episode: S03 E18 "The Alma Matter"

It's not unusual for Carlton to have school-related anxiety, so luckily when Will gets an interview for Princeton and Carlton doesn't, he's visited by his guardian angel Tom Jones.

Tyra Banks

NBC Universal

Role: Jackie Ames

Episodes: Season 4 - "Where There's a Will, There's a Way" (Part 1), "Where There's a Will, There's a Way"(Part 2), "All Guts, No Glory," "Father of the Year," "Blood is Thicker Than Mud," "Fresh Prince After Dark," "Take My Cousin Please," "You've Got to Be a Football Hero"

Long before introducing the nation to the concept of "smizing," super model Tyra Banks has Will and Carlton smiling on the regular when she takes on a season-long arc as Jackie, Will's childhood friend from Philly.

Vanessa Williams

Role: Danny Mitchell

Episode: S03 E11 "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home from the Forum"

Beautiful chanteuse Vanessa Williams plays a single expectant mother in Aunt Viv's Lamaze class (which Will is roped into attending). He scores a date with her, but everything gets crazy when she unexpectedly goes into labor.

Vivica A. Fox


Episode: S01 E19 "It Had To Be You"

As Janet, Jazz's sister, Vivica A. Fox surprises Will twice: once by how attractive she is, and then by how infatuated she is with him.

Wayne Newton


Role: Casino Manager

Episode: S06 E08 "Viva Lost Wages"

Tipping a hat to his role as one of Vegas's most enduring and endearing performers, Newton plays a casino manager in this episode where Carlton comes to Vegas for a birthday celebration and leaves with a gambling addiction.

William Shatner

Role: Himself

Episode: S06 E22 "Eye, Tooth"

No epic guest star list would be complete without a drop in from the King of Cameos, Mr. William Shatner. The former Captain Kirk commands full attention playing himself appearing on Hilary's talk show.

Zachery Ty Bryan

Role: Steve

Episodes: S06 E09,10 "There's the Rub" (Parts 1 and 2)

Taking a break from portraying Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's oldest son, Zachery heads to Bel Air.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Role:Sonya Lamor

Episode: S02 E10 "High Ho Silver"

Zsa Zsa may be the paradigm of glitz and glamor, but that doesn't stop Will and Carlton from becoming convinced that her character, movie star Sonya Lamor, has stolen Aunt Viv's silverware.