Will Tamara And Sadie Become 'Awkward' Enemies Again?

The two had a huge blowout over what being a 'real friend' entails

Beyond roles as Palos Hills’ undisputed quickest-talker and Type-A prototype, Tamara Kaplan has begun to cement a pretty unfortunate reputation: relentless Awkward grudge-holder.

On tonight’s episode, T struggled to cement a plan to absolve herself of $12,000 worth of credit card debt. In an effort to keep up with The Joneses (or, more accurately, her rich crush Patrick), she had begun to spend money like it was going out of style, and soon, her expenses caught up with her. When her mother confronted her about looming bills and threatened to yank her out of college if she didn’t pay everything off, Tamara asked Sadie for help. But Sadie gave T some tough love instead and told her to figure things out for herself.

Welp, that didn’t sit well with Tamara, and despite Sadie’s efforts to squash a subsequent argument with a peace offering in the form of coffee and gossip, Tamara stood her ground.


“We had a little fight -- real friends get past those!” Sadie insisted. But Tamara maintained that her hurt was rooted in something deeper.

“Real friends don’t say mean things in the first place,” T argued. “You called me an annoying dumbass... What hurts the most is that I actually thought we were friends since New York. Say what you want about Jenna, but she would never treat me that way.”

Tamara and Sadie’s friendship was, in the first place, an act as unlikely as a snowstorm in August. Can they recover before they head back to school, or are they doomed to resume their old roles as enemies?

What do you think: Does Tamara have the right to withhold forgiveness from Sadie, who showed T all the compassion of a hangman? Or was there truth to what Sadie told Tamara about the merits of self-reliance, and should Tamara have been more receptive to Sadie’s olive branch? Share your thoughts, and see if these two can mend fences when Awkward returns next Tuesday at 10/9c!