Diem Brown's Friends Have Become 'An Army Of Caregivers,' Says BFF

E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles and countless others are dedicated to keeping the "Challenge" star's spirits up.

When times are tough, love and support from good friends can make all the difference in staying positive. In Diem Brown's case, she's got an infinite amount of people rooting for her -- including every single "Challenge" fan out there -- as she takes on her third battle against cancer. She's that special of a person.

Earlier this week we posted an incredibly moving photo of Diem's longtime love Chris "CT" Tamburello lying at her hospital bedside. The two have had their ups and downs -- we can never be sure whether they're on or off -- but no matter their relationship status, their bond runs deep and true.

Diem also has BFF and E! correspondent Alicia Quarles to keep her going. Quarles has been there for her dear friend every step of the way, accompanying her to the hospital for treatment and creating a support page for her on MedGift.com, a site dedicated to helping cancer patients that Brown has dedicated the past seven years to growing. So far nearly $68,000 has been donated and Quarles provides steady updates on Brown's progress. She writes in the bio:

"[Diem's] friends and I created this page to keep all of you informed. Your positive thoughts and feedback are sure to make her feel supported every day. Thank you ALL for taking the time to care, pray and love with us."

Quarles elaborated to E! News yesterday, saying, "We've become an army of caregivers led by her sister Megan. We are all trying to be as good a friend to her as she's been to us."

In 2013, we witnessed with our own eyes the strength of Brown and Quarles' connection when we documented the ladies getting ready for the Video Music Awards. Between "oohs" and "aahs" over each other's glam outfits and endless compliments exchanged, they hugged and posed for our cameras. Both radiated happiness and warmth, and while those were better times, their friendship seems even stronger today.

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We count ourselves among the many people praying for Diem's recovery, and are so glad she has wonderful friends like Quarles in her corner. Diem told E! that she's "really looking forward to having one painless, fun day" -- please help give her a boost toward that goal with some words of encouragement in the comments.