Did Kid Cudi Really Tell Fans To Suck His D? Footage Tells The Real Story

Hold up just one second.

Kid Cudi opened for OutKast in Atlanta on Saturday, and while the event should've been a joyous occasion, somewhere down the line Cudder angered a few fans and he's now the subject of a minor controversy.

One reddit user says that Cudi, upset by the lack of love he was getting from the crowd at Centennial Olympic Park, went and changed the words to his "Purist Of Happiness" single telling fans to "suck his d--k."

"As he was playing, he slowly got more and more irritated. His first comment was a sarcastic 'Thanks to my five fans that are here,'" fs200vids wrote on reddit. "Then he stops playing his part in Memories (David Guetta) in the middle and says that nobody's feeling him, and that he was going to stop and just play Pursuit. Then this sh-- happened when he changed the lyrics. That sh-- pissed me the f--k off. Disrespectful and whiny as sh--. He can't expect everyone to know his music when he is an OPENER. Not a main act."

Now, a number of sites are reporting the offense, and while MTV wasn't on the ground to give a first-hand report, the video from that night tells a different story.

Yes, Cudi did change the words to "Pursuit," singing "suck my d--k" during the first verse, but what the reports fail to mention is that he changed all of the words in the first verse, throwing a number of sexual references.

Clearly Cudder, is singing about breasts, chests and cellulite and none of these rhyme schemes appear in the recorded version of the song. On Tuesday (September 30) he apologized for being so vulgar with his lyrics.

Maybe he didn't get the crowd response he wanted and maybe he was mad, but it doesn't look like he was looking to insult fans as the headlines suggest. Don't believe us? Check for yourself.