The Way Jordin Sparks Is Coping With Her Break-Up From Jason Derulo Is Inspiring

Keep on keepin' on, girl.

Ain't no one going to rain on Jordin Sparks' parade. The actress/singer — who recently broke up with her fiancé, Jason Derulo, has been steppin' out on the town in spite of the three-year-long relationship's demise.

After all, she's got a new movie to promote so it's back to work! "Left Behind," which premiered at the Catalina Film Festival on Friday (September 26). Sparks brought her buddy Lance Bass, prom-style, to the fête, and captured the whole thing on Instagram.

Sparks has previously used social media to let the world know there are no tears on her end, simply the memory of the good thing she and Derulo had, indicating the split was in the very least amicable. Quoting the old adage, Sparks reminded herself, and the world not to "cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

It's the sort of positive attitude one must take in the wake of a break-up sometimes. And thankfully, Sparks is allowing herself to have a little fun and not dwell on the past.

Girl's not wasting any time or resting on her laurels in any regard, even posting a photo of herself in the studio. As she said previously on Twitter, "write, sing, repeat." Get those emotions out via song, girl!

As for Derulo, he's staying a bit more reserved, Instagramming a photo of his statement to a news outlet in Minneapolis:

Break-ups are rough but these two seem to have the "mature, adult break-up" thing under control, don't they?