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Watch This Female Cosmonaut Shut Down Questions About Doing Her Hair And Makeup In Space

The first Russian woman to fly to the International Space Station shuts down sexist questions from reporters.

Yelena Serova just became the first Russian woman to fly up to the International Space Station on Friday (September 28), but not before she was subjected to some good old-fashioned sexism.

During a news conference before her launch into space, reporters asked the cosmonaut how she was planning on doing her hair and makeup in zero gravity. Mysteriously, the media didn't ask any of the male astronauts similar questions. Serova was quick to point out the double standard.

"Can I ask a question, too? Aren't you interested in the hair styles of my colleagues?" she said.

The 38-year-old engineer just became the fourth Russian woman ever to go into space. She's spent the last seven years training for the mission, and she will work on the ISS with two male colleagues for the next six months. Yet the media still wants to hear about her eyeliner? C'mon guys!

Russia became the first country to send a woman into space back in 1963, when cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova took off on an early mission during the space race. It's good to see that Serova is continuing her country's tradition — and not taking any flak from lazy reporters while she's at it. Watch her rebuff the reporters below.