'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Releases Four Unfinished Episodes Online

More, please.

You might not believe that there are four new episodes of the recently canceled "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" available to stream online right now, but as Master Yoda would say, "That is why you fail (to watch them)."

Lucasfilm has already satiated the desires of "Clone Wars" fans by putting "The Lost Missions" on Netflix, and now they're giving fans a taste of four unfinished, full-length, never-before-seen episodes of the show on

A word of caution: when I say unfinished, I mean really, really unfinished. While all the dialogue has been recorded, the animation is a storyboarded animatic, so it doesn't quite have the crisp, unique look that made "Clone Wars" so popular.

Still, if you were yearning for more from Anakin, Obi-Wan and company, this is your chance, with 88 minutes of completely new content. It starts with "A Death on Utapau," which continues and helps to resolve main character Ahsoka's story arc.

And because "Clone Wars" is the gift that keeps on giving, there will also be a novel coming out in 2015 called "Star Wars: Dark Disciple" about fan favorite villain Assaj Ventress.

With all this and "Episode VII" coming out next year, it's not too shabby a time to be a "Star Wars" fan.