Getty Images/Sally Thurer

See Katy Perry's New Muppets-Inspired Hair Color

New season, new hair color for Katy Perry, y'all. Oh, and it's a color inspired by The Muppets. Any guesses? No, it's not Kermit green. It's not Gonzo blue, either. You're on the right track with Miss Piggy pink, but it's a little more, uh, crazy.

It's Animal-inspired pinky-red! KP shared the new hue on Instagram late last night, which she called "dat hot wheels hurrr/play doe pink do." Three sources of inspiration for one color? I've gotta step my ~hairspiration~ up beyond "blonde," I guess. Also, are the pumpkin emojis next to the banner at the top foreshadowing Katy's Halloween costume? We can hope.

Much like her "slime green" 'do, this new color covers, like, 80% of her hair. Her roots are dark–which is normally some sort of faux-pas–but it looks really, really good. Now when my roots get too dark and too long I'll just tell people, "I'm channeling Katy Perry. Bye."

This, of course, isn't the first time Katy's had pink hair–she dabbled in a long pink ponytail this summer (alongside Joe Biden, obviously), and in 2011 she featured a range of pink shades on her head.


While I'm glad Katy decided to share the new color with me (and 8.1 million other people, but whatever) on Instagram, I need MOAR. More angles, please, Katy! I'll be waiting by my computer.