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This First Look At Christopher Walken's Captain Hook Is Just... Wow

See the pirate antagonist of NBC's 'Peter Pan Live!'

If you're still reeling over Allison Williams' transformation into the title role of "Peter Pan Live!", then hold onto your tights. The first official look at Christopher Walken's Captain Hook has been released, and the visual, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, might just leave you speechless.

So, how does the veteran actor look as the antagonist of NBC's upcoming live musical production? Ummmm, let's just say that his take on the villain is sure to sink its hook right into the very center of your darkest nightmares.

Hit up Entertainment Weekly for more details on Walken's Captain Hook.

Entertainment Weekly / NBC

Walken is no novice to theatre, having played the lead in several Shakespeare plays including "Hamlet," "Macbeth" and "Romeo and Juliet."

However, he is tackling more musical elements than he's used to. "I'm not a good singer," the stage vet told EW. "The songs are done almost like patter. Think Rex Harrison in 'My Fair Lady.'"

"Peter Pan Live!" will air this Dec 4.