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Watch A Supercut Of Every Single Time Batman's Parents Have Died On Screen

This mash-up of Bruce Wayne becoming an orphan -- in film, TV, video games and cartoons -- is just too cruel.

Batman just wouldn't be Batman without his unquenchable thirst for vengeance. Yeah, sure, it's too bad that he had the most traumatic childhood ever, but Gotham City would be left without a protector if Bruce had grown up not brooding and trembling with rage all the time.

With Monday's (September 22) premiere of "Gotham" on Fox, viewers were treated yet again (maybe "treated" isn't quite the right word for it?) to the Dark Knight's origin story -- the very beginning of it, anyway -- just like in the original 1989 "Batman" film, "Batman Begins," "Batman: Arkham Origins" and many, many more. Even the squeaky-clean 1970s "Super Friends" cartoon has young Master Bruce losing his parents.

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Well, New York Magazine's Vulture blog has collected (and overlapped!) all of these scenes in one super, super f--ked-up supercut. It's a Thomas and Martha Wayne massacre, and is basically the opposite of Prozac:

You think there's a chance Zack Snyder will leave this out of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice"? Note to the Wayne family of future Batman timelines and universes: Maybe you should stay the hell out of a place called "Crime Alley," even though you probably won't.

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