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These Little Monsters Are Crying, Going Broke And Cheering Over Lady Gaga's Cheek To Cheek

And my dad liked it, too.

"That Lady Gaga -- she's really talented," my dad said over the phone Monday after hearing selections from her and Tony Bennett's Cheek To Cheek on NPR. "She has a wonderful voice," Dad Ehrlich -- a.k.a. the newest of all Little Monsters -- added, and I could tell he was smiling.

Well, Dad wasn't the only one raving Tuesday (September 23) when Gaga's latest release -- after 2013's ARTPOP -- dropped. A selection of jazz standards as reimagined by Gaga and the 88-year-old icon, the record seems to have reached Little Monsters of all ages, their paws poised above keyboards and ready with the praise.

Check out our favorite reactions -- aside from my dad's because he doesn't have Twitter -- below:

1. Some are into her art (pop).


2. Some are using this opp to bond with grandma...

...and go to Belgium. Not sure what that last part has to do with anything, but, cool! Bring us back a waffle?

3. Some think it's the perfect music with which to fall into fall.

Can we tempt you with a Pumpkin Spice Four Loko?

4. Others are really into jazz now.

Somewhere, Cole Porter is smiling...

5. Some see the record as a release from the mundanities of life...

... or at least three-hour lectures.

6. Others see it at proof of Mother Monster's undeniable superiority.

Paws up!

7. Others are using the album as incentive.

We hope you nab that part!

8. Still others are just kind of crying.

Someone get this Monster a tissue.

9. While others are going without.

Bust out the candles! Ambiance and practicality unite!

10. Everyone, likely, is happy Gaga is happy.

Tony Bennett brought her back to life!