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Travis Pastrana Is Still A Motocross Madman, And This Video Proves It

The 'Nitro Circus Live' frontman attempts a death-defying stunt that'll leave your jaw on the floor!

What has Travis Pastrana been up to since Season 3 of "Nitro Circus Live"? He's been flipping out...literally.

In the appropriately titled YouTube clip "Pastranaland: Travis Has Lost His Mind," the "NCL" frontman shows that fatherhood hasn't slowed him down a bit by jumping off one of the biggest ramps at Pastranaland -- a 20-foot tall one, to be exact.

But a dangerous trick like this takes caution and lots of precision. After a quick test-run, which Travis calls a "good start," the adrenaline junkie admits he's not completely satisfied. "I really want to do a triple [flip] on the dirt-bike," he says, "but even in the air bag, it's scary."

But has Travis ever let fear hold him back? We all know the answer to that one.

Check out the full clip, and watch more action-packed stunts like this when "Nitro Circus Live" Season 4 premieres October 8 at 11/10c on MTV2!