Watch MTV News Writers Try Laughing Without Smiling...At Your Own Risk

Inspired by the hashtag #laughingwithoutsmiling, we tried it. And creeped ourselves out.

This bizarre video made it's way into our morning pitch meeting today:

Everyone in the room laughed, but much of it might've been nervous laughter. The numb faces onscreen combined with their mechanical laughter makes them look like a bunch of Billy the Puppets from "Saw."

It didn't sit well with me. How are they doing that? Are these people psychopaths or can anyone look that creepy? In an attempt to exorcise the video from my head, I asked our team to try it for themselves. If my my work pals can do it, maybe it wouldn't seem so weird anymore.

Below are the MTV Newsies who tried it, including myself, to varying degrees of success. It feels really odd to force yourself to laugh while also trying not to smile. It's even odder to watch your coworkers look that creepy. Now, I'm still left with that same lingering uncomfortable feeling. The only difference is I'm surrounded by these faces everyday. Crap. And something is drawing me to watch myself do it again in the mirror. Damn, I'm creepy. Double crap.

Watch these at your own risk:

Ethan Fixell

Tony Sam

Madeline Roth

Tess Barker

Rachel Paoletta

Jason Saenz

Neal Stastny

Charlie Kasov

Sean Green

Ryan McKee