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Justin Bieber Does The 'Shmoney Dance' Pull-Up: Watch!

You move, Bobby Shmurda.

Look, we've all seen a photo of Justin Bieber shirtless by now -- whether by choice or by the sheer fact of existing on planet Earth -- so it should be no surprise that the "Time For Bed" singer knows his way around the gym.

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Can he do a pull-up? Obviously. But, what about one-handed? I mean, sure. How about five claps in mid-air? Ummm, that's, like, not possible. A mid-air "shmoney dance" pull-up? GET OUTTA TOWN.

Well, according to a new Instagram video, all of the above upper-body workouts -- including the Bobby Shmurda-inspired variation -- are fully within JB's repertoire of gym wizardry. Maybe he's trying to buff up (some more) for maybe-possibly on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez?

Anyway, watch the clip below, and be amazed.