Brittany Travis/ MTV2

11 Reasons Why You Need To Watch 'Wild 'N Out' Reruns

From nonstop laughs (duh!) to music's biggest stars, this show has you covered.

It's a wrap for Season 6 of "Wild 'N Out," but don't fret, because MTV2's giving you plenty of chances to catch your favorites episodes thanks to the magic of reruns.

Here are the top reasons you need to relive every wild moment from Nick Cannon and his crew of crazy comedians:

1. You're guaranteed to get turnt up ALL the time!


Thanks to its mix of hip-hop music and dirty comedy, this ain't your momma's show.

2. Hotties like this one actually pay attention to you.


Via the TV screen, at least.

3. Music's biggest stars perform their hits onstage.


Give that replay button on your favorite music video a break!

4. You'll laugh your ass, head and neck off.


No joke. These people get paid to make you chuckle.

5. It's the only place an employee can diss their boss and not get fired.


Take one for the team, Tim!

6. The legendary Wildstyle battles.


More rapid-fire jabs than the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight.

7. Celebrities step outside of their comfort zone.


Proof that they really are just like us!

8. Audience participation adds to the fun.


This speaks for itself.

9. Tipsy Chrissy.


"WNO" is the only show that can apparently make Chrissy Teigen ask herself, "Should I have really done that?"

10. Nick Cannon busts a move from time to time.


Go, Nick! Go, Nick! It's your birthday. Or not. Go, Nick!

11. Did we mention the "Wild 'N Out" girls?


Just making sure you were paying attention.

Watch "Wild 'N Out" this Thursday from 3:30/2:30c-7/6c on MTV2!