Watch Kristen Wiig And Ellen Degeneres Do The Worst Rendition Of 'Let It Go' Ever

So bad, it's... bad.

After seeing so many amazing renditions of the "Frozen" power ballad "Let It Go" over the past nine months, it's almost refreshing to see someone sing it this badly. Almost.

The performers of this masterpiece of cringeworthy warbling: Kristen Wiig and Ellen Degeneres, who were both game to belt out the song on live TV, the fact that neither one of them knew the words or the tune nonwithstanding. (We're not sure how Ellen can claim not to know "Let It Go," considering that she hosted the Oscars at which it won Best Song, but whatever.)

Watching this all the way through to the bridge is a test of endurance, but you'll want to stick around for the moment when Kristen indignantly stops singing to point out that this song includes high-minded mathematical concepts that are way too advanced for its audience.