Would You Say Yes If Your Boyfriend Proposed With Bobby Shmurda Lyrics? This Girl Did

'Bought this ring about a week ago.'

Bobby Shmurda's breakout hit "Hot N---a" was the viral hit of the summer, and even though the season is beginning to change, it doesn't appear that the record is losing any heat on the 'Net.

In addition to the tons of shmoney dance Vine clips and the Michael Jackson mash-up, there is now a spoof video where a man proposes to his girl to the tune of the Brooklyn rookie's ubiquitous track.

"In truth, I got a big question/ This ain't a joke, I hope you know I'm not messin'," comedian Kabir Iyengar raps in his funny "Hot Finger" remix.

Don't let the excessive amount of times he says "ho" confuse you either, it's a Hindi word which translates to "shall be," not anything derogatory.

There's not even a mention of Mitch and the body that he caught; instead, Iyengar flips all the menacing lyrics to something more loving. "Went and bought this bling, brought this ring about a week ago," he continues to spit.

So ladies what do you say? Is it a yes?