Skydiving In Animal Costumes Is Par For The Course On Season 4 Of 'Nitro Circus Live'

Check out the explosive trailer to see what else is in store!

They're baaaack.

The bad boys of MTV2 have returned with a brand-new season of "Nitro Circus Live." Season 4 premieres October 8 at 11/10c with back-to-back episodes on the double-dog headed network, but you don't have to wait until then because we've got a first look at all of the adrenaline-packed action.

In the trailer, below, Travis Pastrana and his pack of fearless stuntmen give us a glimpse of their North American tour, which consists of jumping out of airplanes (in animal costumes), twirling fire torches and running with from the bulls. Totes normal.

We wouldn't expect anything less from our favorite daredevils, especially since this season is expected to be "the most explosive" one yet.

"This show just seems to keep getting bigger every single season, and I can guarantee you that these episodes will blow everyone away,” Travis said in a statement to MTV2. “American fans will love this season because we finally bring it back to where it all began."

Are you pumped for the new season of "Nitro Circus Live"? Check out the sneak peek, and let us know in the comments. Plus, don't miss the television premiere of "Nitro Circus: The Movie" October 1 at 11/10c on MTV2!