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Kendrick Lamar Thinks Taylor Swift Is Supporting Hip-Hop Culture

He couldn't be happier that 'Backseat Freestyle' is her go-to pump up jam.

Recently, Taylor Swift paid a huge compliment to Kendrick Lamar. In a Rolling Stone cover story about the country-turned-popstar singer, she revealed that whenever she feels down, she listens to Lamar's song "Backseat Freestyle" off his critically-acclaimed album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.

The article ended with her putting on the song:

"You want to know a trick to immediately go from feeling victimized to feeling awesome?" she says. She pulls out her phone and hands me the earbuds: "This is my go-to." She presses play, and Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" fills the speakers.

Obviously, everyone wanted to know what Kendrick thought of this news? He was thrilled.

"Some people always try to lock it down and categorize it for one particular listener," Lamar told the AP when asked about the story at the ONE Musicfest in Atlanta on Saturday (September 13) night. "But it moves all, even people from other genres. I appreciate Taylor Swift for supporting not only my music but just the hip-hop culture. There's really no gap. It's music and it feels good."

Hip-hop has definitely come to the forefront in the culture as of late, and Lamar is part of that movement. During his performance that night, he reflected on that growth.

"I remember when I used to perform in front of 200 people," Kendrick said. "Now, it's a sea of people. I'm glad to see the growth here. It speaks volumes about the hip-hop culture."

Now that Taylor is venturing into bona-fide pop star territory, maybe she'll collaborate with Kendrick for a future project. Think of the break-up song they could write between the two of them!