The 'John Wick' Trailer Is Proof That You Shouldn't Mess With A Man's Dog

Keanu Reeves is out for revenge in this new action flick.

Keanu Reeves is about to kick some ass on the big screen. In a new trailer for "John Wick" the actor is guns blazing and dead-set on revenge after a group of thugs jack his badass Mustang and kill his baby Beagle. The former hit-man gets back in business to avenge the life he lost to bunch of ruthless crime bosses.

Watch the bullets fly:

MTV News caught up with Keanu last year on the set of "John Wick" and spoke with the action star about performing his own stunts and the massive killing spree that ensues during the flick.

Producer Basil Iwanyk explains the death toll, saying, "We were trying to justify how many people it’s okay to kill after a dog is killed and a home is invaded and we got to 95."

"You can only push a man so far," Reeves chimes in.

Watch for more details on the actors stunt work (and even witness MTV News' Josh Hortowitz throw a knock-out punch at Reeves... seriously):