Elizabeth Olsen Goes From Thanos To Loki In Tom Hiddleston's New Movie

The Scarlet Witch has officially hooked up with the most Marvel characters in other movies.

Some of us would be happy starring alongside just ONE Marvel super-villain in our lifetimes, but not Elizabeth Olsen. No, the Scarlet Witch just had to go ahead and book a role alongside our boyfriend Tom Hiddleston in his new Hank Williams biopic, "I Saw the Light."

Olsen, who is prepped to make her debut as the Witch in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in 2015 (if you don't count "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," that is), will play Williams' wife Audrey Mae in the film, which is being helmed by Marc Abraham. It will chronicle Williams' rise to fame then subsequent tragic death (he passed away at 29), and include an impressive body of country classics just like "Walk the Line" did in 2005.

This is great news and everything -- Olsen is undeniably talented -- but I can't stop focusing on the fact that she went from hooking up with Thanos (err, Josh Brolin) in "Oldboy" to Quicksilver 2.0 (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) in "Godzilla" to freaking Loki in "I Saw the Light." Next thing you know, she'll be playing the Ellen to Scarlett Johansson's Portia in a biopic I just made up in my head.

Make it happen, Hollywood!