'Big Brother' Update: Ariana Grande's Brother Frankie Is Totally Winning

Can he actually win? And can Cody please take more sensual showers?

The "Big Brother" live show on Wednesday (September 10) had the potential to give the season a much-needed shake-up -- instead, it totally fell flat. Unless, of course, you're a Frankie Grande fan.


The #BBRewind set the "Big Brother" house back one week, to that "Mario Party"-esque shovel game which earned Frankie Head of Household. (SPOILERS AHEAD: Caleb won this time around.)

However, just because Frankie is technically no longer in power, it doesn't make him any less a formidable opponent.

It seems like every time Frankie is in power, the houseguests realize that he needs to be ousted. However, when someone other than Frankie holds HoH or Power of Veto, everyone but Cody seems to forget that Frankie could make it to the finish line. (Or, they're too chicken to make the move.)

While Frankie's social game is more or less out the window after revealing himself to be a bit of a backstabber (miss you, Zach), his ability to win competitions is unparalleled in that house. As he'll tell you himself, he's won nine so far.

So -- could he actually win the whole thing?

Case Against Frankie: He Is A Crazy Person

Remember Frankie's intense monologue with himself inside the HoH Throne Room on the Sept. 9 episode? (I do, because it's been featuring in my daymares ever since.) Here he is, talking to himself:

He is talking to himself, y'all, while staring into America's eyeballs. Check out the camera in the top right.

Unfortunately, the houseguests never saw that Frankie is starting to go slightly mad.

However, judging by spoilers from the feed, Caleb is willing to put Frankie up for nomination and to vote him out. That said, if Frankie wins the same veto competition he nailed one week prior, he stands with Derrick as the houseguest with the biggest odds of taking it all home.

Case For Frankie: Caleb Is A Crazier Wildcard Than Charlie Kelly

Caleb is also one of the most easily-manipulated people on this planet, which makes him the only true wildcard left in the competition. For that reason, he's the most unpredictable possible Head of Household right now and Frankie may be able to win his favor in the end.

While Frankie briefly considered using his Power of Veto to change the nominations and get Derrick out of the house, he didn't end up doing so. Had he made that huge move, it would have put an even bigger "neon sparkly glitter target" on his back and it would have guaranteed that the whole house would turn against him after the #BBRewind.

Because he chickened out, he is (ostensibly) still loyal to the Bomb Squad's plan for the Final Four and may be safe for one more week.

Blessings Be To Cody Calafiore's Parents & Their Gift Unto Humanity

But let's not get so heavy. Let us all revisit this most majestic of moments in "Big Brother" history -- Cody's sensuous shower (which was juxtaposed not one second later by Caleb scaring the crap out of him, but we don't care about that here):

So, who's the biggest threat -- Derrick or Frankie? Does Frankie have any goodwill left in the house? Is CBS cheating us by not airing every one of Cody's showers? Comment and let us know!