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Restaurant Owner Says LeSean McCoy Was A Terrible Customer (Not Just A Terrible Tipper)

The NFL running back tipped 20 cents on a $60 meal, and now the stiffed burger joint is firing back. Here's why you should treat waitstaff better.

If you receive truly bad service, nobody expects you to tip an extra 25%. But in an open letter on Facebook, Philly burger restaurant PYT says his employees deserved better than the .03% that Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy left for them on Monday.

"He and his group, from the moment they sat down, were verbally abusive to our staff in the most insulting ways," wrote the owner. "Our staff that was beyond excited to see him walk into our burger joint and was excited to serve him. That's twenty cents on a tab of over $60. Twenty cents that our server has to split with the food runner and the bartender. Two dimes from an insulting multimillionaire."

Here's the full letter, which has ignited a ton of controversy on social media:

Post by PYT.

In the comments, some people are taking the restaurant's side, while others are defending McCoy. So far, McCoy hasn't really responded, except for this comment to a Philadelphia Daily News reporter:

So, how should you feel? Personally, as a New York Giants fan, nothing here really surprises me -- if you play or root for the Eagles, most waiters should sense your inherent lack of class! ;-)

Here's the thing about going out to eat at a restaurant: It's a luxury. You eat to survive. When our ancestors got hungry, they had to hunt. Or, y'know, farm. It's easier now. We have convenience stores that sell food we can microwave right on the premises. And at restaurants, they'll even microwave food for you, then bring it to you on a plate. They even let you pretend it wasn't microwaved. It's frickin' sweet.

Problem is, the people serving you said food -- waiters -- can legally be paid less than everybody else's minimum wage, because there's an expectation they'll be given a little sumpin' sumpin' at the end of your meal. Tipping's become so standard in America that the tax man will investigate waiters who don't declare enough tip income. That means when LeSean McCoy stiffed those waiters, he not only brought down their day -- but he may have increased their odds of getting an IRS audit.

Because the system's set up so that tips are the only way that waiters can afford to eat -- like you just did -- you should always tip. If the menu says a burger costs $12, read that as $15 with tax and tip. The only time you should short waiters is if they do something to you that warrants you calling the cops or the local news. (You shouldn't have to fork over extra cash if your waitress comes after you with a butter knife.)

Otherwise, go ahead and spare a couple bucks. At the very least, it might spare you some heat on the internet.