Fitz Looks Miserable Without Olivia In These 'Scandal' Season 4 Pics

Being president is hard :(

At the end of "Scandal"'s madcap third season, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington, obviously) boarded a private jet bound to places unknown, and earlier this week, we finally got a glimpse at where she might be.

Now, the lovely people at ABC and "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes are giving us even more goodies from the September 25 premiere, titled "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia" -- we have no idea what it means, either -- and it looks like Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) will have an even tougher time moving on from Olivia than we initially thought. Smile, buddy!

"Nearly two months after Olivia and Jake boarded a private jet to stand in the sun together, everything has changed," reads ABC's official description of the episode. "With another four years in the White House, Fitz and Cyrus are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie struggles to cope with the loss of her son and the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia's absence."

LOL at "positive impact on the nation." Check out brand new pics of the episode -- as well as a couple from the show's official glamour shot day -- below!


"Scandal" returns to ABC on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m.