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Orlando Bloom May Swashbuckle Again In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5'

Ahoy! Again!

Although Orlando Bloom jumped ship on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise back in 2007, it sounds like he might be ready to un-walk the plank for the fifth film, "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales."

Per a report from Yahoo!, Bloom told audiences at Australia's Oz Comic-Con that he was in talks to reprise his role as Will Turner once again.

"There have certainly been some discussions about it and I'm open to it," Bloom said.

If he does rejoin the cast, it sounds like the chance to work with Johnny Depp (who is already confirmed for the film) will be a big part of the draw, as Bloom admitted that it was Depp's involvement which first inspired him to be part of the "Pirates" crew.

The last time we saw Orlando Bloom lace up his pirate booties, he was fulfilling his unfortunate destiny as the undead captain of the Flying Dutchman -- and leaving his wife Elizabeth Swan alone to guard his disembodied heart for ten years at a stretch, which seemed like a pretty raw deal all around. But with a certain amount of debate surrounding the length of Will Turner's tenure aboard the Dutchman, and with no details available yet about the plot of "Dead Men Tell No Tales," it's anyone's guess what sort of swashbuckling Bloom would be doing in a new "Pirates" flick.