Channing Tatum/Youtube

Watch Channing Tatum Rap About Grazing Dude’s Crotches

It's the new craze, ya'll.

Move over fist-bumps and handshakes, there's a new way to greet your bros: The Dick Graze. Channing Tatum, actor/dancer/stripper and now, amateur rapper, spits some rhymes to explain the more intimate (violating?) way you can say hello.

“I get a feeling when I see my homie lean in/ That’s because my hand’s about to touch his penis,” the actor hilariously raps in the video to promote the upcoming release of “22 Jump Street”. He then demonstrates the “new craze” by grazing guys’ penises. It’s awkward and inappropriate, yet we like to imagine this is the only way Tatum (avec fedora) greets pal Jonah Hill.

And to make sure the ladies don’t feel left out, co-star Jillian Bell shows up to educate us on the “tit graze.”

We’ll be sticking to a friendly wave, but the 34-year-old actor should probably be on guard the next time he steps out: we’re betting some fans are eager to try this new greeting out.

But don't get carried away: "It's a graze, not a grab!"