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Nicki Minaj Wishes Foxy Brown A Happy Birthday -- Watch!

HBD from one rapper to another.

Nicki Minaj paused her NYFW shenanigans last night to wish rap legend Foxy Brown a happy birthday. Her present? A $5 gift certificate to Little Caesars -- JK! Nicki Instagrammed a video of herself rapping a couple lyrics from "Tables Will Turn" off of Foxy's 2001 album, Broken Silence.

"@badgyalfox happy belated bday to one of my fave artists of all time," the "Anaconda" rapper wrote in the caption, adding: "Such a huge influence on me. TRINI GYAL!!!! Fox boogie."

Brown, who turned 36 on September 6 and performed live with Minaj at a 2012 Pink Friday Tour stop in New York, re-posted the clip on her own Instagram feed, captioning: "awwww!!!!!!! My Beloved! ❤️You for life boobie! @nickiminaj." CUTE.

Must be nice to know that when you're as famous and successful as Nicki, your icons will actually notice you when you wish 'em a happy birthday over social media. She didn't even have to make her message entirely all-caps! Oh, that reminds me -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOXYYYYYYY.