J.K. Rowling Gets An Adorable Emoji Lesson From Evanna Lynch


You might have been dimly aware before now that "Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling has a very sweet relationship with Evanna Lynch, the lovely young actress who played resident Potterverse pixie dream girl Luna Lovegood. But unless you happened to be watching the two of them on Twitter this week, you cannot possibly have fully grasped the depths of their adorable affection for each other.

It all started when Evanna tweeted about a conundrum she was having.

Before long, J.K. Rowling popped up with some useful advice.

Things immediately took a turn for the cute...

And then, shortly thereafter, for the SUPER cute.

The exchange concluded with Evanna promising her friend a lesson in the fine art of emojis. (Clearly, Evanna's an expert. Just look at the ones she came up with to remind Rowling of her accomplishments.)

No date has been set for the aforementioned emoji education, but suffice to say that we would pay millions of galleons for a video of these two hanging out.