Here's How To Make Your Hawaiian Vacation 'Most Dope,' According To Mac Miller

Above all, says the rapper, you need a strong sense of adventure!

"Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" traveled to paradise -- otherwise known as Honolulu, Hawaii -- for the "Most Dope" season finale. And while he was there, the rapper learned a few tricks for making his stay pure perfection...give or take few bumps and bruises.

In this final travel tip clip, Mac says the best way to enjoy Hawaii is by heading to the beach. "There's nothing a little bit of ocean can't cure," he adds. But what about those sharks?

Mac wasn't deterred by them -- after all, fearlessness was a recurring theme throughout his island excursions. From swimming with the sharks to small fractures, he didn't let anything get in his way from having a "Most Dope" getaway.

Watch the clip to see which bone Mac almost broke while jetpacking, and check back here for the latest Mac Miller news.