Mac Miller Faces One Of His Biggest Fears: Getting Tattooed In A Very Sensitive Spot

The 'Most Dope' rapper vows to acquire more ink, but does he go through with it?

On the season finale of "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family," Mac Miller treated his friends to a trip to Hawaii. But it came at a price.

The rapper made it clear to his pals that they could go on the vacation under one condition: They had to face their fears on the trip -- Mac included. And in the bonus scene, below, he upholds his end of the bargain -- by vowing to get his tummy tattooed.

"I've always been uncomfortable with my stomach, like, the tattoo part of it -- not the fat part about it," Mac says. "I just wanted to do it and stop b--ing about it."

Of course, the 22-year-old is no stranger to the tinted needle (he practically has the entire animal kingdom on his limbs), but there's something about the mid-section that makes him feel uneasy.

"It's a very painful place [for a tattoo]," he says. "[And] a lot goes on in my stomach -- digestion, turning solids into waste..."

So does Mac get inked? Check out the clip to find out, and let us know what your biggest fear is in the comments!