Mac Miller Devises A Plan To Put Those Pesky Rumors To Rest

Worried that 'Most Dope' viewers think he and Jimmy are an item, the rapper decides to invite a few girls on an island getaway.

"Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" are arguably one of the most close-knit group of friends on reality television. But Mac himself is concerned some think they're too close.

In the sneak peek of tonight's season finale, below, the rapper organizes a trip to Hawaii for his hardworking pals. But since the boys had been his only travel buddies on tour up to this point, Mac feels the need to mix it up.

"We don't really have females on this show a lot and people, I think, are starting to ask things about me and Jimmy," he confides in Quentin. "We should bring some girls just to set that record straight." So punny.

Not one to turn down a free vacation (who would?), Quentin agrees to go on the trip -- but mentions he's deathly afraid of large bodies of water. Mac then takes his hands and says straight to his face, "We're going to do it together. We're going to trust each other."

And he wonders why people wonder...

Check out the full clip, and don't miss the season 2 finale of "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" tonight at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!