Can Amber Rose Keep Her Composure On 'Wild 'N Out'?

Comedian DoBoy disses the model -- and then goes after her hubby Wiz Khalifa!

Amber Rose faces a bunch of hilarious burns on tomorrow night's season finale of "Wild 'N Out," but can she keep from bursting out -- literally?

In the sneak peek below , cast member DoBoy unleashes not one but two digs upon the gorgeous guest competitor during a game called "Talking Spit." The objective: to make Amber laugh -- and spit out her drink.

"Godd***, your head is bigger in person," he begins. "I feel like I'm watching a movie in 3-D starring your head!"

The model giggles but is able to keep her composure (and hold in her water). So DoBoy decides to take an alternate route: Go after Amber's hubby, Wiz Khalifa!

Does this diss pan out? Not exactly. Check out the clip to see how DoBoy's plan backfires, and don't miss the season finale of "Wild 'N Out" tomorrow night at 11/10c on MTV2!