Celebs Are Busy Catching Stray Balls And Laughing At Trick Shots At The U.S. Open

It's more than a spectator sport.

It's not enough to just sit in the stands, folks. Celebrities flock to the glittering Arthur Ashe stadium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens to see the top players in tennis battle for the U.S. Open title, and in 2014 they're doing work. In the midst of drinking chilled rose and propping their feet up in the boxes, they're getting in on the game.

Alec Baldwin For The Win

We've already mentioned it, but it bears repeating that Alec Baldwin wins best highlight so far when he oh so casually caught a stray ball after it took an errant bounce off the court. You'll notice the ball boys (whose job it is to corral the neon yellow objects) duck out of harm's way, while Alec simply faces the danger head on, calling his cat-like reflexes into action and extending his two hands with ease.

His wife Hilaria quick jerks during the moment, but Alec does. not. move. Thank you Alec Baldwin, hero of the U.S. Open, from saving fellow well-outfitted patrons from a potential ball to the face.

Alec Baldwin Takes A Selfie

He later snapped a pic with a fan to memorialize the occasion. (Ed note: the official caption for this image from our photo service was "Alec Baldwin poses for a selfie." Times they are a changin'.)

Oprah's Bestie Gayle King Was There

Getty Images

Gayle was also on-hand to witness the astounding moment. Is she thrilled that Baldwin saved her or bummed she didn't get a shot at catching the flying ball?

Michael Jordan Loves Federer's Trick Shot

While he didn't come to the rescue catching stray tennis balls, his Airness Michael Jordan looked on as Roger Federer pulled out a trick shot, known as the "tweener" in professional tennis speak, and chuckled at the resulting play. Don't worry, no serious injuries occurred, you can laugh too.

Anna Wintour Is Not Amused

Who else joined Mr. Jordan in Roger Federer's box? That would be Vogue boss lady Anna Wintour, who must still be following up on her nomination of Fed to complete the ice bucket challenge.

Nope, Still Not Amused

Anna watches tennis the same way she watches fashion shows, no matter what happens, not amused.

Heyyy Karlie Kloss

Hey look, it's our former House Of Style host/model extraordinaire Karlie Kloss! Sorry boys, that mystery man is her boyfriend Josh Kushner.

And Finally, We Give You Donald Trump

And above all, we're not quite sure if Donald Trump even knows how tennis works. But he's still there!