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Britney Spears Drops Some Post-Breakup Truth Bombs

Having a 'sh-tty day'? Find some shoes with hearts on 'em.

When news broke last night that Britney Spears had ended her relationship with David Lucado, her boyfriend of a year and a half, I bet a sizable chunk of the Britney Army immediately set about curating the ultimate breakup playlist.

I'm thinking "Everytime" on repeat for hours with "Out From Under," "Someday I Will Understand" and "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" to shake things up every couple O' hundred plays?

As for the "Work Bitch" singer herself, her loneliness is definitely not killing her -- at least by the looks of a new Instagram video, which she captioned: "When you're having a sh-tty day..." Her advice seems simple enough to follow.

Step one: Find some shoes with hearts on them.

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Step two: Be Britney Spears.

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Here, she explains it better. Stay strong(er than yesterday), Brit!