Arsenio Hall Calls Mac Miller A Modern-Day Maya Angelou...Minus The Breasts

The legendary late-night host pays the "Most Dope" rapper a rather interesting compliment.

When Mac Miller visited "The Arsenio Hall Show" last year, "Most Dope" cameras were there to capture his live-TV jitters. But post-performance, his nerves were calmed when Arsenio himself stopped by the green room to give him props.

"First of all, the thing you did tonight was poetic," Arsenio tells Mac in the bonus scene, below. "It's like a 2013 Maya Angelou without the breasts and the femininity. It's poetry! I love what you did for us tonight."

Mac giggles, graciously accepting the compliment, then talks about his freestyle roots. "When I was younger, that's what I was known for in Pittsburgh…I used to do competitions, everything," he says before explaining how he gets in the zone. "The art of freestyling all comes from being mindless. You black out."

Check out more of Arsenio and Mac's deep exchange, and watch the performance that blew Mr. Hall away. Plus, don't miss the season finale of "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" next Wednesday at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!