Martin Scorsese May Direct A Ramones Biopic

Martin Scorsese is reportedly attached.

When Tommy Ramone, the last of the four original members of The Ramones, passed away earlier this year, it brought the iconic band's estate together. The rights had been split between the families of Johnny and Joey Ramone, but the two sides have apparently reconciled and are planning some exciting projects around the band.

The best news coming out of this (via Billboard) has to be that the estates are developing a biopic about the band, which already has Martin Scorsese attached as a director.

The Ramones' legacy as rock legends and New York natives make them the perfect subjects for a Scorsese movie, but the director already has a very full plate. In addition to the recently announced "Shutter Island" HBO pilot Scorsese will direct, the filmmaker also has plans to finally film "Silence" next year.

Who knows if a Scorsese-directed Ramones movie will actually happen, but here's to hoping that it does, because that would rock so hard.