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If You're Looking For Another G-Unit Break-Up, They Have A Message For You

Tell 'em Buck.

Now that G-Unit is back and reunited, 50 Cent's squad is not looking back. On Monday, they released their first project in six years, The Beauty of Independence, and they say there's more on the way. What fans won't get, they promise, is another break-up.

"If you looking over here at G-Unit and looking for the downfall, then it's hard on yourself, you're making it hard on yourself," Young Buck told MTV News on Thursday, just moments before the Unit recorded a special interview with SiriusXM's Shade 45. "But if you're looking over here at G-Unit and you're looking for the success, yeah it'll be easier on your eyes."

Lloyd Banks says that the group only released a small portion of the music they've recorded since they came back together in June. He assures us that there are more EPs and albums on the way. "Right now we got like over 50 records recorded and the process for picking this EP was six records," he said. "It reminds me of when we first started, because we didn't have a lot of time to fall in love with a record like, Yo that's my joint. Because by the time you lay that one down, we're in the booth again. And then four or five records in one day.

"So they can expect the first six songs and then another EP following that and solo projects as well," he confirmed.

The prospect of even more G-Unit projects is an exciting one for fans, and for the skeptics, Buck assures that they are thick as thieves. "Looking for the downfall, or the tragedy, or the turmoil amongst us, homey, you're gonna get a headache, you're subject to pass out before you see that again, because we been through it," he said. "That's the blessing, we've all been able to mature as men."