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Oprah's Newest Role Is Her Most Shocking Yet

You get a girl! And you get a girl!

"Oprah" and "whorehouse" are not really two words you would ever expect to hear together, unless it was on a "very special episode" of her talk show.

But apparently, Lee Daniels thinks the two go together just fine, as he has just cast Oprah as Richard Pryor's whorehouse-running grandma in his upcoming biopic of the comedian, ET reports.

Oprah had previously Instagrammed a photo of herself, Mike Epps (who's playing Pryor), and Daniels, saying they "finished a great 1st read session," though it was before her role was officially announced.

The billionaire personality is no stranger to drama, having been nominated for a Supporting Actress Oscar for Steven Spielberg's "A Color Purple," and she is no stranger to acting for Lee Daniels, having appeared in "Lee Daniels' The Butler" last year.

Still, those parts were both sympathetic, while Oprah's newest role as the Madam of three whorehouses was described by Pryor himself as a "mean, tough, controlling bitch," though Pryor also had some slightly more positive things to say about her.

Will Oprah be able to shed her popular image and embody what is by all accounts her toughest, most hateful role ever? Let us know what you think!