11 Songs To Get You Ready For Hodor's 'Rave Of Thrones' EDM Tour

"GoT" is ditching Hodor, but you can still catch him DJing worldwide. To celebrate, here's all the Hodor-themed music a fan could ask for.

Sad about the news that Hodor isn't coming back to "Game of Thrones" until Season 6 at the earliest? Don't worry, you can still see Kristian Nairn -- the giant Australian actor who plays the loyal Starkian protector on "GoT" -- DJing an international EDM tour (following a bunch of summer Australian dates), which he's calling "Rave Of Thrones."

The gimmick doesn't stop at the name, either. Nairn wants people to show up in "GoT" costumes, which, when we stop to think about it, isn't too far from a Burning Man-esque EDM costume anyway.

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Hodor's already one of our favorite characters on the show, and the chance to see him DJ might actually make up for his absence in Season 5. If you need a bit more Hodor in your life, especially musical Hodor, check out these Hodor-centric musical tributes to everyone's favorite monosyllabic hero.

1. Psychedelic Hodor is "in da house"

2. Heavy metal and Hodor were made for each other

3. Soothing acoustic guitar, strummed in the key of Hodor

4. Like classic rock? Check out The Hodors (like The Doors, get it?)

5. "Game of Hodor" theme song (1.4 million YouTube views!)

6. More heavy Hodor metal...

7. The "Mother" of all Hodor-themed Pink Floyd parodies

8. Now That's What I Call Hodor!

9. Livin' on a Hodor

10. Yet ANOTHER punishing example of heavy Hodor metal

11. "Game of Moans" (feat. Sansa Stark and a Hodor cameo)

BONUS: "Game of Moans" (ONLY feat. Hodor's cameo...for 10 minutes)