G-Unit's 'Ahhh Sh--' Video Captures All Of The Frustrations After Mike Brown's Death

G-Unit has something to say.

The shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown at the hands of the police has ignited the nation and angered many. People have taken to the street in protest, while artists continue to make statements and use their voice in song. 50 Cent and G-Unit are the latest to take a stand with their video for "Ahhh Sh--," an aggressive protest against police brutality.

The video starts with footage of the late Eric Garner, pleading with the New York City police officers who would eventually put him in the chokehold that the coroner ruled contributed to his death. The Unit continue to roll out a montage of protest videos and clips of police attacking citizens.

In fact, there is minimal performance footage in clip, which only features two Unit members: Young Buck and Kidd Kidd. Still, the lyrics are heard loud and clear. With his verse, Buck screams: "Ever since Mike Brown went down my whole city's like f--k a cop," while Kidd Kidd shouts out: "No justice, no peace."