New 'Gone Girl' Trailer Is Part Meet-Cute, Part Horrifying

For better and for much, much worse.

A new TV spot for David Fincher's much-anticipated "Gone Girl" aired during last night's Emmy Awards, and it's a very tense minute that has us wondering how we'll hold on all month until the movie's release.

Starring Ben Affleck (Nick) and Rosamund Pike (Amy), a married couple seemingly living a happy, idyllic life, the movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel follows an investigation into Amy's disappearance. Did Nick kill Amy? And if Nick didn't kill her, where did she go?

When a couple gets married, they often make vows to be together for better or for worse. This new spot gives us glimpses of both: Nick and Amy's first time meeting, when he tells her he's there to "rescue you from all of this awesomeness;" and the worse as well, like a quick flash of the super-ominous, creepy Punch & Judy dolls that mark a pivotal plot point in the story.

Check out the spot below.

"Gone Girl" hits theaters October 3.