Sound The Trumpets: Austin Mahone Just Arrived At The VMAs With A Marching Band

Austin hopped off a bus onto the red carpet -- with a marching band in tow.

Austin Mahone took a big chance by asking his Mahomies to issue him dares, but he was actually able to pull them off at 2014 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday, when he rode in on a party bus, along with a full marching band.

The grand entrance is on par with Taylor Swift's arrival in a carriage in 2010, or when T-Pain rode in an elephant in 2008. It doesn't quite match up to Diddy's arrival on a yacht in 2004.

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Austin, who won 2013's Artist to Watch Award, told MTV on the red carpet that he had some other crazy dares, like coming in on a tank or a helicopter. He had teased his performance earlier in the night with a short Instagram, but we had no idea it'd be like this.