Did Anyone Else Know Austin Mahone Was An Amazing Drummer?

Surprise! Austin is good at everything.

What does Austin Mahone have up his sleeve for the VMAs today? The singer posted a teaser Instagram on Sunday (August 24) to give us a little glimpse of what he has in store.

"I always wanted to be a drummer," Austin wrote on the pic. As he pounds away with the UCLA drum line, I can't help but think "damn, he's actually really good!" I guess he's more than just a singer/dancer/hottie/overall good guy. Add "percussionist" to his resume.

Mahone will be on the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet tonight during the pre-show, which starts at 8 p.m. Fans have been daring him different scenarios for his red carpet arrival. Could this drum line be a part of it?