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This Is What Kim Kardashian Looks Like Without Makeup

The VMA presenter looks flawlessly fresh-faced on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian is rocking the VMAs tomorrow as a presenter, but she's also rocking no makeup this weekend. And she looks stunning, so much so that if she decides to go sans makeup at the VMAs we probably wouldn't even notice!

Kardashian's been working on a couple of new beauty routines as of late, such as using a waist-shaper, which involves working out with a corset. If we had to choose to do one of them between the two, we'll probably go without the makeup... probably.

"It's a no makeup kinda weekend" she captioned the snap. Be sure to tune in to see if Kardashian keeps up her makeup-less weekend when she presents at the 2014 VMAs tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET/PT.