These Parents Called The Police On Their Own Daughter For Sexting

Talk about parental controls.

So you know how your parents tell you not to do things and you sort of kind of know they're right but don't really want to listen to them so you do things anyway? Well such things are most likely harmless (I hope), but some things are just really not a good idea.

Exhibit A: pictures of yourself that involve minimal to no clothing. May seem flirty, but really, just don't do it. Because it will haunt you, and the internet knows everything and it will surface somehow, someway, someday.

A set of Virginia parents had that exact feeling in mind when they called the police on their own daughter after finding nude photos of her and other teens on her cellphone and tablet. The 13-year-old girl was sending the pictures to an older boy, and her concerned mother wanted to stop things before they got worse.

Mom Catches Teenage Son Watching Porn, Calls 911 To Stop Him

Confiscating her electronics, the parents turned to the local sheriff's deputies. While the girl could face a bout of Diversion, a 12-week program in the juvenile justice system that involves counseling, the older boys could face felony charges.

So yeah, I know you probably hate hearing us older people telling what you should and should not do, but trust us on this one. Keep the clothes on.

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