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Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carrey And More Added To VMA Presenter List

Sometimes between the music videos, we like to laugh.

It's known about town that the Video Music Awards are the biggest party around, so it's no surprise everyone wants in on the fun. And we're pleased to announce that joining this year's line-up as presenters are talented and generally funny people Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels and Chelsea Handler.

But this isn't any of their first rodeo (if the VMAs were a rodeo, which they kind of are). Let's take a look back at the new presenter's MTV history.

Jimmy Fallon

The "Tonight Show" host can relax at this year's show. Instead of hosting the whole darn thing he'll only be handing out a Moon Man (like he did last year presenting buddy Justin Timberlake with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award). Fallon was cemented as one of the funniest hosts of all time when he took a turn entertaining the crowd for the 2002 VMAs, crushing an opening musical bit that had him doing everything from learning how to enunciate "Hot In Herrrrrrrre" from Nelly, to singing Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" magestically blowing in the wind.

Chelsea Handler

Handler hosted the 2010 VMAs, when she made an elaborate entrance, fan-girled for Justin Bieber, and got a pep talk from Lindsay Lohan. We can't wait to see what snarkiness she brings this year.

Jim Carrey

A longtime member of the MTV family, Carrey once showed up to our awards show in full character. At the 1999 MTV Movie Awards Carrey, nominated for Best Male Performance for "The Truman Show," stood up at the podium with long hair, beard and a hippie drawl. Can we hope for an in-character one-two punch of Harry and Lloyd of "Dumb and Dumber" fame this year?

Jeff Daniels

Which brings us to our next presenter. Thought it's been 10 years since Daniels has donned the fabulous powder blue ruffled tux, with the next "Dumb and Dumber To" installment expected to hit theaters this fall, we're so excited to bring Carrey's partner in crime to the stage. Daniels was originally nominated for "Best On-Screen Duo" at the Movie Awards in 1994. Too early to start campaigning for a nom at next year's Movie Awards?