Katy Perry's Slow Dance With An Alien Cannot Be Explained

Aliens get all the chicks.

Is there anything more Katy Perry than bright lights, glow stick glasses and an alien in a skating rink? There is not. The "Dark Horse" singer is up for two VMAs on Sunday night, and it looks like she's already in VMA weird mode.

In an Instagram video on Friday (August 22), Katy's on a romantic roller-skating date… with an extraterrestrial. First we get a POV shot of what it would be like to skate-dance -- is that a thing? -- with the pop star as she lip-synchs Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" while staring into your eyes and it's like, "Are we falling in love right now?" then cut to the alien, she in love with the ALIEN! I totally get it Katy.