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Is Ariana Grande Going 'Zero-Gravity' For Her VMA Performance?

She'll perform 'Break Free' at Sunday night's show.

Janet's gone through it. Katy experienced it. Britney, too.

And now, judging from her extraterrestrial (and extra weird) video for "Break Free," Ariana Grande seems to be deep into her outer space phase.

In fact when we asked her how she'd like to take the stage to perform "Break Free" at Sunday's VMAs, she requested there be no gravity whatsoever.

"If I were given an endless budget for my VMA performance, I would have them actually simulate zero gravity onstage for me," She said. "We would have to come up with some sort of graceful way to turn that off without me like falling to the stage and dying. I would like to fly at some point… and I would like to finish off the number with Jane Fonda dancing with me."

We can't guarantee that that'll all happen at Sunday night's show, but hey, ya never know.