An Angry Doll Is Coming To Murder You In The 'Annabelle' Trailer

You've been warned.

If you were just sitting there thinking that what your Thursday was really missing was a terrifying doll, congrats! Your day is now complete.

There's a new trailer for "Annabelle," the doll-centric spin-off of the horrifyingly successful horror movie "The Conjuring." The movie appears to be about a doll whose talents include a. being enormous, b. setting fires with her mind? and c. turning into a blood-covered ghost of a lady who seems to be generally displeased with her lot in life.

Oh, and we forgot to mention the baby safety-related terrors within as well. Hot tip: When your house has doors that tend to close on their own with psychopathic ghosts on the other side, never leave your child unattended in another room.

Clear the immediate area of all playthings and infants before watching the trailer below.

"Annabelle" hits theaters October 10.